Prime Minister Kurti and Minister Mehaj visited the first KSF Regiment of the Land Force

Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, accompanied by Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj, Dep/Minister, Shemsi Syla and Dep/Minister of the KSF, Major General, Enver Cikaqi, in the 38th Anniversary of the fall of heroes, Rexhep Mala and Nuhi Berisha, today visited the first KSF Regiment of the Land Force of the Kosovo Security Force in the “Newborn” barrack, in Gjilan.

In his speech in front of the members of the Regiment, Prime Minister Kurti expressed his honor and pride for the visit adding that there is no better way to start the New Year.

Prime Minister Kurti mentioned that building the army is a common duty and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo is committed to modernizing the army with equipment and weapons, as well as the conditions of service, providing opportunities where soldiers can demonstrate their skills.

Furthermore he said that infantry as the oldest branch of army proves that military technology and equipment, however sophisticated and precise, cannot replace the momentum and strength of a capable warrior.

“In the year we left behind, the KSF showed high professionalism, commitment to peace, security service not only within its borders but also abroad, as well as not only to its citizens but for all of them who are in need”, said Prime Minister Kurti.

During his speech, he mentioned as one of the highest success of the year 2021, participation in “Defender Europe ‘21”, where was shown the readiness, professionalism and interoperability with NATO soldiers and the United States of America.

“Participation in international exercises and successful validation of your company is a testament of achievements by which you made us feel proud every day”, said Prime Minister Kurti. He expressed conviction that the next challenge, “Defender Europe ‘23”, will find them better, and more prepared.

On the same day, on 38th anniversary of the fall of the martyrs Rexhep Mala and Nuhi Berisha, Minister Mehaj, accompanied by Deputy Minister Syla and senior staff of the Ministry of Defense, visited their families in Gjilan.

In addition, they paid homages to the martyrs’ cemeteries in Gjilan Municipality.

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