On the International Day of Missing Persons in the KSF barracks, “Adem Jashari”, was shown the short film “Ferdonija”

In marking the International Day of Missing Persons, at the KSF barracks, “Adem Jashari”, in Pristina was shown the short film “Ferdonija”. This film, directed by Gazmend Bajri and Shkurte Dauti, tells the story of Ferdonije Qerkezi, a mother who lost her husband and sons during the war in Kosovo. Present on this occasion were: Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj, Deputy Commander of the KSF, Major General Enver Cikaqi, Brigadier General, Naim Haziri, Ferdonije Qerkezi, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Hajrulla Çeku, Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, the chairman of the Governmental Commission for Missing Persons, Andin Hoti as well as other senior local and military officials of the KSF. In his speech, Minister Mehaj emphasized that on this day we remember the terrible consequences that the war has left, the void of our families in society. “Through Mother Ferdonije, we remind each other of the duty we have towards the missing and their families”, said Minister Mehaj adding that: “as representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, we should never line up seeking justice or documenting the events of the war”. Meanwhile, the chairman of the Government Commission for Missing Persons, Andin Hoti, among other things, emphasized the need for increased pressure from the international factor on the Serbian side, noting that Serbia is the only address for missing persons in Kosovo. The case of Mother Ferdonije is one of 1617 other cases, citizens of this country, whose absence is felt every day by their families and the entire society of the country.

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