Ministry of Defense of Republic of Kosovo and Ministry of Defense of Republic of Croatia have signed Memorandum of Defense Bilateral Cooperation

With the highest military honors, today the Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj, hosted in an official visit his counterpart, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Croatia, Mario Banozic, accompanied by his delegation, on which occasion was signed the Memorandum of Defense Bilateral Cooperation.
After tête-à-tête meeting, at the both level of delegations, both Ministers after the act of signing the Bilateral Memorandum, made statements in front of the present media.
On this occasion, Minister Mehaj said that signing of this Memorandum will open ways of closer cooperation in education and training of military personnel, conducting joint trainings, opportunity for co-deployment in overseas operations and missions, intensification of cooperation in the defense industry and in more other fields.
Further, Minister Mehaj mentioned: “Relations between Kosovo and Croatia are not only diplomatic, moreover they are friendly because the both countries are united by history, common challenges which implies common strategic interests and visions, joint commitment to regional and global issues, commitment to peace and security of region; and for this reason we are together on the path to the future”.
On his speech, Minister Mehaj added saying that partnership with Republic of Croatia is very important because Croatia is a NATO country member for more than 11 years and that Republic of Kosovo has the same goal and aspiration.
On his side, Croatia Minister of Defense Banozic said that both countries will continue to deepen good cooperation not only in the field of the defense but, also in the economic and political context.
“Republic of Croatia supports the Euro-Atlantic integration path of Kosovo and as until now, we will further on provide strong assistance to this process. We support the KSF transformation into Armed Forces”, emphasized Banozic.
He also said that he wants the Republic of Kosovo to be a full member of regional organizations and initiatives as soon as possible, such as the Adriatic Charter A-5 initiative, as according to him, this is the right way to strengthen regional dialogue and cooperation in the field of security and that can be an integral part of responding to security challenges in the region.
The Minister of Defense of Croatia, Mario Banozic, together with his delegation will visit and pay honors in the Memorial Complex “Adem Jashari” in Prekaz.

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