Military Cooperation between Kosovo and North Macedonia of great importance for security and stability in region and beyond

Lieutenant General Vasko Gjurcinovski, the head of Republic of North Macedonia Armed Forces HQ is hosted with high military honors.Initially he was welcomed by KSF commander Lt. General Rrahman Rama, and then by Minister of Defense Armend Mehaj. Minister Mehaj spoke highly about contribution of Armed Forces of Republic of Macedonia in KFOR and other mission in NATO.

He also hailed military cooperation between two forces, hoping to expand it further in future.Following the meeting with Minister Mehaj, Lt. General Gjurchinovski met with KSF commander general Rama, initially head to head meeting, then at the level of both delegation. Military cooperation between forces of two countries was highly appraised, and was also discussed on implementing mutual activities deriving from bilateral cooperation.

A special attention was paid on intensifying the cooperation in field of education and training of both countries.After this general Gjurchinovski and his entourage visited KSF barracks in Pomozition, specifically International Center for Search and Rescue.This visit is within the framework of military cooperation, based on Memorandum of Understanding between Defense Ministers of two countries.


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