Kosovo and Montenegro sign a memorandum of cooperation in the field of defense

The Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj, hosted his counterpart from Montenegro, Minister Raško Konjevic, with whom he signed a cooperation memorandum at the level of the two defense ministries.

On this occasion, Minister Mehaj emphasized that with the signing of this memorandum of cooperation, is proven the continuity of cooperation between the two countries, at other levels, with joint activities and commitments.

Minister Mehaj, in his speech addressing the media, said that: “Through this agreement, the scope of cooperation in the field of defense will be expanded, which will have a manifold impact on the benefit of security, stability and democracy between our two countries as well as our region in general”.

Furthermore, Minister Mehaj said that the continued deepening of this cooperation will enable to easily manage and effectively face threats, risks and challenges in the regional, continental and global security environment.

“Montenegro, as our friendly country, appreciating the commitment of the Republic of Kosovo, the Ministry of Defense and the KSF in support of NATO missions, will also offer support in the process of realizing our goal of membership in the Program of Partnership for Peace, as a path towards our membership in NATO”, further emphasized Minister Mehaj in this press conference.

While the Minister of Defense of Montenegro, Raško Konjevic, said that through this memorandum, the roads are opened for an even better cooperation, stressing that Montenegro will support Kosovo in realizing its aspirations towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

The cooperation between the Republic of Kosovo and Montenegro will extend from the exchange of professional experiences of staff, academic and specialist centers and to engagements in mutual support with operational capacities, in case of emergencies.



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