27.05.2019CODE OF ETHICS FOR KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE (MoD) NO. 02/201915.05.2019REGULATION (GRK) NO. 07/2019 ON INTERNAL ORGANIZATION AND SETTLEMENT OF JOB POSITIONS IN THE MINISTRY OF DEFENSE15.04.2019REGULATION (MoD) NO.01/2019 ON REGISTRATION AND INSURANCE OF MINISTRY OF DEFENSE AND KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE VEHICLES06.08.2018REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 03/2018 ON CAREER DEVELOPMENT OF THE KSF MEMBERS11.07.2018REGULATION (MKSF) NO.02/2018 ON SALARIES IN THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE07.05.2018REGULATION (MKSF) NO.01/2018 ON LEAVE IN THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE09.10.2017REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 5/2017 ON MATERIAL MANAGMENT IN THE MINISTRY FOR KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE AND IN KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE14.07.2017REGULATION (MKSF) - NO. 04/2017 ON MATERIAL RESERVES IN THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE15.05.2017CODE OF CONDUCT FOR THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE (MKSF) NO.02/201715.05.2017REGULATION (MKSF) - NO. 01/2017 ON LAND CARRIAGE OF THE DANGEROUS GOODS ON KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE15.05.2017REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 03/2017 ON SECONDARY EMPLOYMENT FOR MEMBERS OF THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE05.01.2017REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 05/2016 ON CAREER DEVELOPMENT OF KSF MEMBERS28.12.2016REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 04/2016 ON MANAGMENT OF OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS AND MANNER OF USAGE OF ARCHIVAL MATERIAL IN THE ARCHIVE OF MKSF/KSF27.12.2016REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 03/2016 ON HEALTH CARE IN KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE20.10.2016REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 02/2016 FOR CARRYING AND USE OF FIRE WEAPONS BY KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE MEMBERS03.10.2016REGULATION NO. 01/2016 ON AMENDING THE REGULATION NO 04/2010 MKSF ON THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE POLICE16.08.2016REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 03/2015 FOR THE REVIEW OF FIGURE CLEANLINESS OF THE EMPLOYEES OF MINISTRY FOR THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE AND KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE14.04.2015REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 02/2015 FOR THE PROCESSING AND SETTLEMENT OF THE CLAIMS INTO KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE26.02.2015MKSF REGULATION - No. 01/2015 ON UNIFORMS AND PERSONAL APPEARANCE OF KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE MEMBERS19.11.2014REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 02/2014 FOR AMMENDMENT OF REGULATION NR.09/2009 FOR ANNUAL EVALUATION OF KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE MEMBERS05.02.2014REGULATION (MKSF) NO. 01/2014 ON PROCESS OF DEPLOYMENT OF THE KSF IN OPERATIONS ABROAD26.12.2013REGULATION (MKSF) NR. 06/2013 ON KSF MEMBER CAREER DEVELOPMENT18.12.2013REGULATION (MKSF) - No. 05/2013 ON MEDALS AND GRADITUDE13.12.2013REGULATION (MKSF) NO.04/2013 ATTACHE OF THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE22.05.2013KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE DISCIPLINARY CODE NO. 01/201322.05.2013REGULATION NO. 02/2013 ON RECRUITMENT INTO THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE20.05.2013REGULATION NO. 03/2013 ON INSIGNIA AND RANKS IN THE KOSOVO SECURITY FORCE22.11.2012Regulation no. 08/2012 on accreditation of demining organizations05.11.2012Regulation no. 07/2012 on storage, transportation and use of explosives for humanitarian demining operations29.08.2012Regulation No. 06/2012 on the Inspectorate of the Kosovo Security Force24.07.2012Regulation No. 5/2012 Amending the regulation no. 10/2011 - MFSK on leave for the Kosovo Security Force07.06.2012Regulation no. 04/2012 on working hours of the Kosovo SEcurity Force06.06.2012Regulation no. 03/2012 for the service in the reserve component of the Kosovo Security Force01.12.2011Regulation No. 10/2011 - MKSF on leave in the Kosovo Security Force30.11.2011Regulation No. 09/2011 - MKSF on the standardization of equipment in MKSF and KSF26.07.2011Regulation No. 07/2011 - MKSF on resettlement for the Kosovo Security Force members26.07.2011Regulation No. 06/2011 - MKSF amending the regulation No. 04/2009 on salaries for the Kosovo Security Force13.06.2011Regulation No. 02/2011-MKSF on the write-off of assets of the Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force and Kosovo Security Force13.06.2011Regulation No. 03/2011 - MKSF amending the regulation No. 02/2011 on the write-off of assets of the Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force and Kosovo Security Force13.06.2011Regulation No. 04/2011 - MKSF on termination of service and dicharge of the Kosovo Security Force members13.12.2010Regulation No. 15/2010 - MKSF on secondary employment for members of the Kosovo Security Force02.11.2010Regulation No. 12/2010 - MKSF on transfer between the reserve and active components01.11.2010Regulation No. 11/2010 - MKSF On dealings with the non governmental organizations and public and private bodies25.10.2010Regulation No. 10/2010 - MKSF on traiing and live firing with light weapons06.01.2010Regulation No. 06/2010 Amendin the regulation 07/2008 on uniforms and personal appearance for the Kosovo Security Force04.01.2010Regulation No. 04/2010 - MKSF on the Kosovo Security Force Police14.01.2009Regulation No. 14/2009 - On Physical Security for Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force and Kosovo Security Force Installations12.01.2009Regulation No. 12/2009
On Management, Control and Use of Vehicles Assigned to the Ministry for the Kosovo Security Forcse and the Kosovo Seciruty Force
11.01.2009Regulaion No. 11/2009
On Personnel Records for the Kosovo Security Force
10.01.2009Regulation No. 10/2009
On identification Cards for Members fot he Kosovo Security Force
09.01.2009Regulation No. 09/2009
On Annual Appraisals for Kosovo Security Force Members
07.01.2009Regulation No. 07/2009 MKSF
On Food and accommodation for Kosovo Security Force members
04.01.2009Regulation No. 04/2009 - MKFS
On salaries for the Kosovo Security Force
09.01.2008Regulation Br. 09/2008 MKSF
On Redress of Complaint for the Kosovo Security Force
07.01.2008Regulation Nr. 07/2008 MKSF
On Uniforms and Personal Appearance for the Kosovo Security Force
03.01.2008Regulation No. 03/2008 MKSF
On the Carriage and Use of Weapons by the Kosovo Security Force
03.01.2008Amandements - Regulation No.02/2009 MKSF Amending the regulation No.03/2008 on the carriage and use of weapons by the Kosovo Security Force02.01.2008Regulation No. 02/2008 MKSF
Code of Conduct Of the Kosovo Security Force


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