Agim ÇEKU - Deputy Minister -

General Agim Çeku is career military officer with more than 22 years military service. As military officer he served in: former Yugoslav Army, in Croatian Army, in Kosovo Liberation Army and in Kosovo Protection Corps.

General Agim Çeku has also a political career, he served as a Prime Minister of Kosovo, as Minister of Kosovo Security Force and Member of Parliament of the of the Republic of Kosovo.

He began his military career as student in military High School in Belgrade, finishing it on 1979, then pursued his studies, initially at Military Academy in Belgrade, subsequently in Zadar, Croatia, where he graduated as artillery officer, with the rank of second Lieutenant in 1984. In ex-Yugoslav Army he served until 1991 as platoon and company commander, up to the rank of captain.  

When war erupted in Croatia (in 1991), he quits Yugoslavian Army and joins Croatia National Guard. During the Homeland War of Croatian people for freedom and independence (1991-1995). He exerted important duties from company commander up to the Chief of Staff of Army Corps. For his contribution, his leadership and successful commanding of units, he worked his way up and promoted up to the rank of Brigadier General in 1995. He was awarded with the highest national decoration by the president of the Republic of Croatia. He served in Croatian Army until February of 1999. In Croatia, he enjoyed the status of war invalid and war veteran.

Since 1997 he served as military adviser to Kosovo Liberation Army’s senior leadership, and as such he was part of Rambouillet Conference. Once fathoming that a ferocious war was about to erupt in Kosovo, following the rejection of the Rambouillet agreement by Serbian side, he left Croatia and returns back to Kosovo to join Kosovo Liberation Army in March 1999 when he was appointed as Chief of General Staff of Kosovo Liberation Army, serving in that position during the war, all the way to the demilitarization and transformation of the Kosovo Liberation Army into the Kosovo Protection Corps. From 1999-2006 was KPC commander as Lieutenant General. He was several times decorated by Prime Minister and President of Kosovo for his service and contribution during the war and in peace, and also received innumerable appreciation from many international officials. He is also a KLA war veteran in Kosovo.    

His military career came to the end in February 2006 when domestic and international political actors asked him to lead the Government of Kosovo as a Prime Minister in order to preserve the internal political stability during negotiations for final status of Kosovo, and prepare Kosovo for independence. As Prime Minister he served until the end of regular mandate of government which ended in January 2008.

From 2008 General Çeku continued his political engagement in Kosovo, between 2011- 2014 he served as a Minister for Kosovo Security Force, while in this position, he was the chairman of steering committee which lead the process of Strategic Security Sector Review and prepared Kosovo Security Force for the transformation into Kosovo Armed Forces. From 2014-2017 was Member of Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo coming from Democratic Party of Kosovo.

Currently he is a deputy Minister in Ministry for Kosovo Security Force.

General Agim Çeku was born on 29 October 1960 in Qyshk village, Peja Municipality. He is citizen of both Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Croatia.

Besides native language-Albanian, he is also fluent in English, Serb and Croatian language.

Father of five kids, a daughter and 4 sons.


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