ANTON QUNI - Minister of Defense

He was born on June 09, 1967 in Fshaj village in Gjakova. Primary school completed in Bishtazhin, in Gjakova, high military school in Belgrade, and higher studies, with excellent results, in Military Academy in Belgrade and Sarajevo from 1986-1990.

Military Career
After graduation, he has served as career officer in variety of positions as military leader, reaching the position of company commander in former YPA, and quit serving when its dissolution began in 1991. For seven years lived and worked in Switzerland and Croatia. When war erupted in Kosovo in 1998, he joined Kosovo Liberation Army as commander of diversionary and recce battalion. In 1999 he was appointed as Chief of Staff of G0-3, latter transformed to Brigade 138 “Agim Ramadani”. Following the disintegration of KLA in 1999, he pursued his military career with Kosovo Protection Corps. For four years he served as Chief of Staff of Collective Training Center, and then in 2003 was appointed as Chief of Staff of Training and Doctrine Command. After the dissolution of KPC and foundation of Kosovo Security Force, in 2009 is appointed as military adviser of the KSF commander with the rank of colonel, serving until 2010. Then he was sent to presidency of Republic of Kosovo as President’s political adviser on security affairs.

Political and institutional career
His political engagement, minister Quni started with Kosovo Democratic League, winning in four consecutive legislation elections, the trust of citizens, elected parliament member of Assembly of Republic of Kosovo. In his first two mandates (2010-2017) he was Member of Parliament Commission for Internal Affairs, Security and Oversight of the KSF, while in his third mandate (2017-2019) he was Member of Parliament Commission for Oversight of Kosovo Intelligence Agency. In 2019 parliament elections, is again elected as Member of Parliament of Kosovo, and assigned by his Party (KDL) as Minister of Defense of Republic of Kosovo.

Party Commitment
In terms of KDL commitment, currently is Chairman of Branch in Prizren and deputy chairman of Central Presidency of KDL.

Personal Information
Speaks English, Serbian and Croatia languages. His hobbies are swimming and skiing. 


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