Mission of Ministry of Defense

Ministry designs and implements general state defense policies at strategic level, and exercises its functions and competencies in accordance with the Constitution and applicable legislation.

The Ministry of Defense is a state administration body composed civil servants and military personnel of the KSF.

The Ministry has its own structure, organized in directorates, departments, sections, and offices that ensures functionalization and fulfillment of its duties and responsibilities.

Mission, Competences, and Duties of the Kosovo (a) Security Force 

The Kosovo Security Force shall defend sovereignty and territorial integrity, citizens, property and interests of the Republic of Kosovo. The Kosovo Security Force is a multi-ethnic, professional, armed, and authorized military force to serve in the country and abroad, in accordance with a given constitutional and legal competences.

General Duties of the Kosovo (a) Security Force are:
1. To defend sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo;
2. Provision of military support to civilian authorities;
3. Participation in international operations.


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