Notification to Municipalities of Republic of Kosovo Requests for Civilian Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Project Consideration By Department of Civilian Military Cooperation in Ministry for Kosovo Security Force (MKSF)

Pursuant to the Law on Kosovo Security Force and in particular the Guidelines and Doctrine of MKSF Civilian Military Cooperation (CIMIC), as well as in the interests of increasing  transparency of MKSF CIMIC projects, please be informed that: the MKSF is soliciting a call for projects (typically small) to be considered for implementation under their MKSF CIMIC program. 

MKSF is looking to implement CIMIC projects either alone or in a joint partnership with Municipalities which promote the values of a free and democratic society where all the citizens of Kosovo will be the beneficiaries.

Municipal priorities for this kind of cooperation would be an important consideration for the  MKSF when considering and prioritizing projects and deciding which projects to undertake during the drafting of their Action Plan for CIMIC projects for the year 2014.

Requirements that will be considered for this type of cooperation should be realistic and consistent with the anticipated available resources and skills by both the municipality and MKSF.
Each request will be equally considered based on common priorities, while not guaranteeing   support for any project submission.

Priority will be given to those requests that would have a high value to the general citizenry in their implementation and which do not have high financial costs.

In order to consider a CIMIC project submission they must be received no later than 30.08.2014, in order to have sufficient time to analyze them and then to be included in the action plan for the year 2015.

MKSF will notify municipalities of successful project submissions by 02.12.2014.
Attached to this call for submissions please find, the application form for CIMIC project submissions

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

With respect : Hajrush Kurtaj/Director of CIMIC in   MKSF
email:, Land line : 0382001352

Download aplication Requests for MKSF CIMIC Projects Submissions 


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