The 9th “KSF and Partners” conference took place in the Ministry for Kosovo Security Force

Under the Ministry for Kosovo Security Force organization took place the 9th two-day-long “KSF and Partners conference”. Part of this conference were ambassadors and attachés of friendly nations accredited in our country such as: United States of America, United Kingdom, Albania, Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro, Italy, Czech Republic, France etc.

At the inauguration part of this conference were:  the speaker of Parliament Kadri Veseli, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, KSF Minister Rrustem Berisha, Deputy Minister Agim Ceku and Burim Ramadani, KSF Commander Lt. general Rrahaman Rama, Secretary General Mr. Shklezen Sylaj, KSF Generals and attachés, KFOR  deputy Commander general Reinhard Ruckenstuhl, Iowa National Guard Commander Timothy Orr, head of NALT team for MKSF general Uwe Becker, as well as ambassadors and attachés from friendly and partner nations from region, European Union and United States of America.

The “ KSF and Partners’ conference was opened by KSF minister Mr. Rrustem Berisha, who initially thanked the representatives of participating countries for excellent cooperation, the willingness to attune joint activities and their unsparing support for KSF.

,, Throughout these years the Ministry for Kosovo Security Force and Kosovo Security Force has had great and sincere cooperation with NATO through NALT. Now we are at the political decision making stage to commence with transitional process, a process unfolding exactly on the tenth anniversary of the Kosovo Security Force foundation. Transition process will be gradual and unfold in line with the recommendations deriving from Strategic Security Sector Review. We have pledge to be a provider of security rather than a mere consumer, including also the aim of Kosovo to eventually become NATO member”, -said minister Berisha.

Prime minster Mr Ramush Haradinaj, amid accentuating the role played by KSF partner nations said: “KSF transition as legit process is in full compliance with interest of non-majority communities with more security, provides multi ethnicity and professionalism, stable partnership with KFOR and NATO, as well as full readiness to take part in preserving freedom and peace anywhere in the world.  As an active member in fighting global terrorism, on the way to become member of Interpol and become member of NATO- Kosovo will be credible partner along strategic allies, in providing regional and global security”.

Meanwhile, the speaker of the Parliament Kadri Veseli spoke about the work done by the side of the institution he leads on this topic: "We in the Assembly have now processed three required laws and will move together in partnership. We will be with you The KSF is the pride of Kosovo, while for you will be a powerful wing. Peace and partnership will continue in the future, " said among other things Veseli.

While, the KSF Commander, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama, addressing the attendees said: "The bilateral cooperation is vital for KSF. We are in the transition process, everything is in compliance with the constitution. I assure you that the KSF is a professional organization. We are working hard for a better future for our citizens. The KSF today, stands ready to participate in peace missions. We will be a story of success for Kosovo. We started with you and we will continue with you", said General Rama.

The Iowa National Guard Commander, General Timothy Orr, said that the cooperation and partnership with the KSF will continue and intensify in the future and just like some of the armies of the Balkan countries that participated in peace missions along with states from the US, so within their contingents, also the KSF will be together with the Iowa Guard.

In the conference also spoke the deputy commander of KFOR, general Reinhard Ruckenstuhl and director of NALT, general Uwe Becker.

After that, Lieutenant Jeton Dreshaj made a presentation regarding the transition process of MKSF and KSF.

Also, the ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Mrs. Kivilcim Kiliç, ambassador of Montenegro Mr. Ferhat Dinosha as well as other ambassadors addressed the audience.

The 9th “KSF and Partners” Conference continued its works with the bilateral meetings of the KSF with  partner countries delegations, where the activities conducted so far were discussed as well as bilateral plans for the future will be harmonized.



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